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  • Topic: Research: Internet Filters Don’t Protect Children

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    • March 20, 2017 4:35 PM PDT
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      Research: Internet Filters Don’t Protect Children

      Not really surprising...


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    • March 21, 2017 1:13 PM PDT
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      Untitled title

      Oh crap my all formatting is gone. Here is my previous post again, hope formatting will be preserved:

      As kids we had no bigger problems with buying adult magazines in kiosks. There was always one that would sell. If we could access adult material with "human controlled access", how are computers supposed to prevent it? Kids are curious and they will always find a way to access the adult content no matter how the industry and others want to prevent it. They will get access to alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs as well. The only effective way to prevent it is proper parenting and education about these topics. If we help kids to realize the dangers coming from accessing the adult world being so young, the dangers coming from cigs, alcohol, drugs, then we will need no filters, laws and other crap that doesn't work anyway.


      Once I have experienced ironical as hell situation. It's a true story. In the school, maybe I was 12 or so, we had to prepare presentations about how drugs are bad. I had really no interest in drugs topic at that time, but the teacher said to do a presentation, so I started doing online research. Hallucinations? Improved performance? This and that? Wow! Thanks to these presentations, me and a few other kids got excited about drugs and their effects. As my "kid's curiosity" was arisen, there was nothing to stop it.


      It didn't take long to find a person who has the access to drugs. I knew one guy, he was 19 years old maybe, we weren't friends but we used to play soccer together. I knew he was dealing weed and speed, so one day when we were alone I asked him if he can sell me some speed. What happened? He got pissed off like a hell and screamed on me. He said I am retarded to want to try it being 12 years old. He said how it would ruin me and my health at this age. On the end he said "forget about this and try when you are older".


      What happened after this event? I never did any drugs before I was 17 and any "harder" stuff before 19. Can you see this irony? The "good and trustworthy" school made me want to try drugs, and the "evil and criminal" drug dealer probably saved me and my future.


      The gov and schools think that forbidding works, but it will never work - forbidden things are always cool, especially in kids' eyes. The dealer took a much more intelligent approach. He didn't say drugs are bad and forbidden. He said it will ruin me and my health, because I am young. He said, I can try it, but when I am older. And that worked. It made a sense to me.


      This story is a good example why internet filters will never work. If kids are curious, they will find access to whatever they want, sooner or later. So instead of blaming Internet providers, Internet itself, adult industry, governments, or whatever and whoever else, people should focus on proper education of their kids. Forbidding and blocking never works. It's primitive and dumb. Everybody knows that forbidden things are the coolest.


      Germany has an awesome law regarding alcohol. Here in Germany, you can legally go to a pub and drink beer being 13 years old if you are with your parents. Being age 16, you can buy beer and wine yourself. 18 and you have full access to all liquors. Beer is also a part of German culture (and especially for Bavaria), so beer consumption is very common everywhere. You can also freely consume alcohol on the streets, even with a police patrol nearby. How does it sound? Evil country not stricly restricting alcohol? Poor kids? Surely Germany must have the worst alcohol problems in Europe! But nope, it's not like this, not even close. I never saw a drunken kid on the streets. Problems of kids and alcohol is really small here. Why? Because kids here are NOT educated that alcohol is evil and forbidden, but that alcohol is a normal thing but must be used reasonably. There is no desire to get the forbidden fruit. Teens start drinking their first alcohol with parents. There is no need to hide and get drunk to be cool.


      Forbidding and blocking never works. All that works is education. Proper education.

    • March 22, 2017 4:21 PM PDT
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      Untitled title

      This comes as no surprise at all. You will never ever stop a horny kid from seeing porn. When I was a kid in 7th grade I was selling porn magazines to my classmates.... My buddy's father was a truck driver and always had a huge collection. My buddy would snag them from his truck and he was none the wiser. 

      Boys want to see boobies. They will hack right around filters. 

      The only people the filters protect is everyone else. I was at the Phoenix Airport just now and was unable to get any work done because YNOT was blocked due to "adult content filters". Fuckers. 


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