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    • June 18, 2017 2:38 PM PDT
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      Vacation, then moving

      Tomorrow I'm flying up to Vermont from Florida. Going to stay a week and do stuff for my Mom. I always buy her a ton of stuff to last her until I visit again, which is twice a year. This time I'm going to buy her a new bed too. I actually will fly into Plattsburgh NY as that is the closest airport with a non-stop flight. I'll rent a car there, then take a ferry over Lake Champlain and be at Mom's within an hour.


      Then the very day I get back I will have only 4 days to move out of where I am now and into a 2 bedroom with den apt. I have a 1 bedroom now and I'm out of room for my items I sell. It's in the same apt. complex 3 buildings down. 2nd floor overlooking a pond with fountain. I really like it here, it's very peaceful and safe.


      I will buy a new bedroom set and new mattress set. They have Sears outlet stores, Rooms To Go outlet stores and other big furniture and bed stores around here. So you can always find a great deal. A full bedroom set with a queen size mattress set will be around $1,500. Getting 2 new computer desk and new home computer setup too for my helper. So, I'll be busy for a bit! :p 

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